Why are Twitter, Facebook and YouTube not shutting down?

Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are not shutting the Internet down, the companies announced Thursday, adding that they’re not shutting them down because they’re violating their users’ privacy.

Twitter and Facebook will remain open to users and users will continue to have access to the sites.

The news was the latest to signal that the three companies are still in the midst of negotiations over what would become a merger that would give the U.S. social media giants more control over the online landscape.

Twitter has said that a deal with Facebook could be done this summer, though the companies have not agreed to such a merger.

The three companies have been in talks about merging for years, but the last two negotiations have not been successful.

That could change with the announcement of Thursday’s announcement.

“Today, Twitter announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Facebook that would create a new, more unified platform for connecting people around the world, including for social and video content,” the companies said in a joint statement.

“Twitter is committed to expanding the reach and reach of its products and services to reach new audiences across all of our platforms.”

The announcement is a significant win for Twitter and the broader online community, who have been fighting to have the three sites shut down, though it comes as other companies have announced plans to shut down their sites in a bid to save them from losing their online presence.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all faced pressure from users to shut their sites down, as many believe that they are hurting their user experience.

In the case of Twitter, it has been blamed for increasing the volume of spam and trolling and also for being too slow to remove abusive or harassing tweets.

Facebook and Twitter also face complaints that their content is too popular, too popular with people who don’t understand how to use their services and too easy for people to find.