Which media outlet is biased more?

FOX NEWS: In the past year, there have been a number of news stories about the impact of government interference in the media.

One of the most contentious and highly controversial ones was that of the Department of Justice’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s efforts to influence the 2016 election.

The DOJ said that it found evidence of widespread efforts by Russian operatives to undermine the 2016 campaign and that the efforts had included “repeated attempts by Russian intelligence to undermine U.S. democracy and institutions.”

The Trump administration has also taken aim at the media, particularly on social media, accusing it of promoting fake news and bias.

But it’s important to remember that the majority of people don’t read the mainstream media.

They consume what they see on TV and hear from friends and family on the radio and in the newspapers.

That’s why the mainstream outlets that were most affected by the 2016 Russia election interference are largely those that are the most trusted and trusted by most Americans.

FOX NEWS’ JEFFREY WEISS: The most important thing to remember about how the mainstream news industry has responded to this, is that it was not the only major news outlet that was affected by Russia interference.

The Washington Post was also subject to the investigation and was targeted by a wide range of outside actors, including the Russian government.

It also published an article about the investigation in October, and that story came from an unnamed source who was not associated with the Post at the time.

So, that is one of the factors that made the Washington Post one of those news organizations that suffered the most.

FOX News’ ANNE MARSHALL: We’re going to focus on the Washington news outlets that are most impacted by the Russian interference.

FOX NEWS SCOTT ADAMS: You’ll find the following stories in our coverage, but in order to get them, you’ll need to click the links below.

FOX NETWORKS’ RICHARD MARTIN: “The Russia probe is a political witch hunt.

Thats the most obvious conclusion.

Fox News’ JAKE TAPPER: It’s really interesting, though, because the Washington press has been pretty quiet about this.

So it’s interesting to see what they’re saying, because they have this kind of a hard time coming out and saying, oh, we’re not involved in this and we’re going on this trip with the Russian President to try and get him to agree to an agreement that we think is a good deal for both sides.

Fox News’ RICK KASICH: I think that’s just the opposite of what we’re hearing from the media and they just want to keep quiet.

Fox NEWS’ MEGHAN HANNITY: And what do you think is the most important news story in the coming months?

FOX NEWS CO-HOST RICK RUBIO: What do you believe to be the most significant news story of the year, I think the biggest news story, in terms of how it affects the American people?

FOX NETWORK SCOTT CARLSON: They’ve made it very clear that they’re not going to be involved in the Trump Russia investigation.

They’re not saying that it’s a criminal investigation, but they are saying it is a criminal probe.

And so it’s the most likely that there is going to eventually be an indictment and a trial for that.

FOXNEWS’ BRIAN KILMEADE: So it’s not just the Washington media, but the mainstream press that is affected by this.

FOX FOX NEWS HOST MIKE PENCE: For them, the biggest story of all is going on the issue of voter fraud.

And I think that is the biggest issue in the United States.

Foxnews.com’s ALAN GALIA: A big story that is going in the right direction, because there is a lot of people who are not going away anytime soon.