What happens when you try to shut down the world’s largest social media company?

In a bid to fight the growing number of cyberattacks, social media giant Facebook said on Wednesday it will stop using the company’s software to track the number of people logging in to its website.

Facebook will instead use third-party tracking tools that rely on the use of artificial intelligence to identify who is online, Facebook Chief Technology Officer David Marcus said in a statement. 

“This is a decision we have made to ensure that Facebook is able to deliver its best experiences to its users,” Marcus said. 

Facebook will also begin a process to remove the use from its own systems of the software that tracks the number and location of people who log in to the company, Marcus said, noting that users who want to change this feature should do so on their own, and not through Facebook’s systems.

“The goal is to have a system that is as secure as possible,” Marcus added.

Facebook said it plans to start the process to eliminate third-parties’ use of the tracking tools on Thursday, which will be followed by a review of the way the company uses its own software. 

The announcement comes as Facebook grapples with increasing threats from Russia and other nations to interfere in U.S. elections and other public figures, including President Donald Trump. 

After the release of an internal report in January 2016 that said Russia had sought to disrupt the U.K. general election by infiltrating Facebook, Facebook said it had discovered a separate effort in 2016 to hack into a U.N. computer network.

The company said it would investigate the incident and take appropriate actions to protect its users. 

In an effort to protect against these attacks, Facebook has added new measures to its software that prevent people from logging in from outside of their own accounts.

The decision to end the use for third- party tracking tools came as a result of new security measures that Facebook took as it ramped up efforts to protect the privacy of users and employees.