Obama’s Media Control Act of 2016 is a great victory for conservatives

In a major victory for the right-wing media, the U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation on Thursday that would make it a felony for any person or entity to use “any medium of communication” in the United States “to influence, coerce, or coerce any person to commit a violation of federal, state, or local law.”

This would apply to both federal and state law enforcement agencies and private companies that conduct business on the internet.

The bill is sponsored by Representative Tom Marino, the Republican from Pennsylvania who has previously worked for media companies such as Fox News and Breitbart News.

It is likely to become law without Democratic support.

It would also be a boon to liberal media outlets that rely on online advertising to pay their salaries and to provide the necessary funding for their operations.

The legislation would also make it easier for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to take over media ownership in media outlets it deems to be “domestic terrorists” or “dominant propaganda.”

In the meantime, this is just another win for the left.

The proposed law is already facing a number of challenges from both sides of the political spectrum, and the GOP has already said it will challenge it.

“The legislation passed the House overwhelmingly, with a vote of 205-198, with Democrats voting against the measure.

The vote was 97-4.

The measure is now awaiting a Senate vote, which is expected on Thursday.”

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Tom Marino of Pennsylvania, is also an influential member of the House Republican leadership.

The Huffington Post reported: ” Marino’s bill would give the FCC authority to remove a media owner from ownership, and it would allow the FCC to grant preemptive, blanket immunity to media companies, meaning the companies could be held liable for any violations of state law.

Marino’s amendment would allow a judge to block a takeover if there is no reason to believe that it is likely that the company will engage in domestic terrorism or promote a domestic terrorist ideology, as well as provide for a judicial review of the board’s decision. “

While many have lauded Marino’s proposal for preserving a free press in the face of President Trump’s attacks on the press, many have also criticized the bill for failing to include language that would require the FCC and its commissioners to take action on domestic terrorism before it could take over a media company.

It has become clear that the American people deserve more than a ‘fake news’ and ‘fake president’ narrative. “

Marino said in a statement Wednesday: “Our nation’s First Amendment rights and freedom of the press are under attack.

It has become clear that the American people deserve more than a ‘fake news’ and ‘fake president’ narrative.

We have to stop the ‘fake’ narrative now and put American’s interests first.