How Alaska’s public media has been transformed into ‘digital warriors’

A community-driven effort to make Alaska’s media more efficient has paid off for the state’s residents, as the state has been awarded $2.5 million in new federal grant money to improve the quality of the state-run media.

Alaska Public Media’s public editor and senior VP of business development, Mark Osterholm, said in a press release that the Alaska Public Media Act of 2018 (APMA) funds $2,520,000 for the organization to improve its digital strategy.

“We’re taking our focus to ensure that we’re getting the most out of our resources and working with the state to provide an environment where we can deliver more value for our consumers and the state,” Osterheim said.APMA funding is targeted at improving the state media, which Osterheims has been working on since 2011, as well as supporting its digital team.

The APMA also funds APMA’s digital program and the Digital Media Excellence Initiative (DMFI), which aims to improve Alaska’s online media.

In addition to the $2 million, APMA will also get $250,000 in additional state funding to improve digital services for the agency’s online and offline communities.

The APMA has been a leader in the effort to improve public access to Alaska’s information and entertainment industries.

The Alaska Public Broadcasting Corporation (APBC) has been instrumental in building the state of Alaska’s digital media, with the APBC and APMA having worked together to create an online content platform.