A new poll says we should be more optimistic about a Trump victory

The American public is overwhelmingly optimistic about their chances of winning the White House, according to a new survey released Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

The survey of 2,003 adults conducted July 29-31 found 58 percent of respondents say they think the country will “get through” the 2020 election, a 6-point increase from January.

The poll was conducted before President Donald Trump’s inauguration, and while a lot of people have been saying that since then, a majority of respondents were also hopeful about the 2020 general election.

“The public is optimistic about the election,” said Pew Research Director Richard Anderson.

“They say that it’s a good year to be president.

It’s the second time they’ve said that.

There’s been a trend, but this year it’s pretty consistent.”

Trump won the presidency on the back of the anti-immigrant, anti-trade message that he delivered during the campaign, and his election has given the American public the first look at the potential impact of that message on their political future.

The Trump administration has been pushing hard to cut taxes for the wealthy and increase protections for small businesses, which would have a major impact on economic growth.

Trump also has been a staunch defender of the Confederate flag, which has been on display in the Oval Office since he was inaugurated in January.

A majority of Americans oppose the flag being flown at the White Senate, and 71 percent of Republicans think it’s inappropriate to take down the flag from the White house.

A recent poll found the president was viewed favorably by 56 percent of Democrats, while 55 percent of independents approved of his handling of the job.

In contrast, 54 percent of Trump’s supporters said they did not like him, and 62 percent of those who did said they were disappointed by his administration’s handling of foreign affairs.

Trump has had mixed results in his first year in office, but he has been able to enact his agenda in a way that hasn’t put him in opposition to his own party.

The president is not known for having an opinion on major issues, including health care, and in February, a Gallup poll found that the president has the lowest approval rating in nearly three decades, down to 37 percent.

“People have said for a long time that Donald Trump is an ideologue and an isolationist,” said Anderson.

But the public has shifted to the other end of the spectrum.

They are saying, ‘You know, maybe the president should take a chance on his own ideas and stick to his principles.’

“Pew Research interviewed more than 1,500 adults from July 24-28, asking them questions about a range of issues including economic issues, gun violence, foreign policy, national security, and the economy.

In addition to focusing on issues affecting the country, the poll included a question about the future of the nation.

It was conducted on a rolling basis and was not able to capture every response, but the results were presented in the following order: