Windows 10 Mobile on a TV

Windows 10 will be coming to a TV screen in India.

A few months back, Microsoft announced that the company would bring the platform to India with the launch of Windows 10 Home.

Today, the company is announcing that the service will be available for Windows 10 on TVs, starting with the new XB1 and XB2.

The company is making the announcement in India on the eve of the launch, which is happening on October 1.

While there are plans for an official announcement from Microsoft in India, the timing is not great, as India has yet to release any hardware for the platform.

Microsoft is also planning to launch the service in other countries as well, including the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Japan, South Africa, and China.

While Microsoft will likely launch the Windows 10 TV app for other countries at a later date, the service should be available in India in the next few months.

The XB, XB 2, and XC1 are available in a range of price points, starting at Rs 2,999, which would make them a good option for those who want to take the next step into a Windows 10 smartphone.