The Top 10 Most Memorable Moments From the 2016 Election

The 2016 election was one of the most memorable in American history.

There were plenty of memorable moments, too, but they all came from different perspectives.

Here are the 10 most memorable moments from the 2016 election.


Trump: The election night meltdown.

As many Democrats were celebrating a historic win, President Donald Trump went off on a tirade on Twitter.

The candidate who spent nearly a year and a half on a campaign of insults and conspiracy theories, who once claimed that he would “solve” the problem of the drug epidemic by shooting Mexicans, was now demanding that the nation’s top judges stop issuing rulings on immigration and instead use their authority to enforce laws against criminal aliens.

Trump’s Twitter tirade had been building since the first presidential debate, when he mocked then-Vice President Joe Biden for not coming to New Hampshire and mocked Hillary Clinton for not having a campaign-finance disclosure form.

But on election night, it was a different Trump.

The GOP nominee was visibly upset with the court rulings and accused Democratic leaders of being “weak on crime.”

When the court refused to block the president’s order, Trump lashed out again.

He went on to say that he and his administration would “get rid of them all.”


Trump says ‘birthers’ are ‘very stupid’ to suggest that he was born in the United States.

“You look at the birther movement, the fact that they were willing to pretend that President Obama wasn’t born in America,” Trump told supporters in Florida on Tuesday night.

“I mean, these people are very stupid.

You look at it, and they’re willing to do it, because they’re trying to save face.

And the other thing is, they’re very weak on crime.

And they’re just going to do whatever they want to do.”

The Republican nominee has used the birder movement to claim that Obama is not a citizen, a claim that has not been backed up by evidence.


Trump attacks ‘failing’ New York Times reporter: “It’s a disgrace that the failing New York Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, that is owned, like Rupert Murdoch is, by someone that is the biggest political donor in the world, is actually helping the candidate that’s running against me, the person who is totally responsible for what’s going on in New York.”

In his speech to a cheering crowd in Miami on Tuesday, Trump again mocked the Times for its “ridiculous” coverage of his campaign.

The newspaper, which Trump described as “one of the worst paper in the country,” had been one of his top backers before the election.

Trump continued to attack the paper, telling the crowd: “They were a failing paper before the campaign, and now they’re a failing newspaper after the campaign.”


Trump slams ‘toxic’ ‘fear mongering’ that led to ‘millions’ of voters voting for him: “You know, I know it’s very easy for a politician to talk about how they’re doing things, and I know that’s what they’re going to be doing, because I have to do the same things I do.

I have millions of people that I have helped, and millions of jobs that I’m helping, and thousands of families that I am helping.

I think we’ve got a very toxic situation in America, because the election of Donald Trump was just so terrible for so many people.”

On Monday, Trump was joined by Vice President Mike Pence, the Republican nominee for president, and House Speaker Paul Ryan, the GOP nominee for vice president.

But the three Republican leaders refused to condemn the billionaire’s rhetoric on the campaign trail, with Ryan saying, “I don’t think we need a Donald Trump.”


Trump on ‘borders’ and the media: “I think if I were president, I’d just open up a little bit of a border.

You know, we’re going down into Mexico, we’ve already opened up the border.

I would open up the country.

It’s not too big a deal.”

On a recent episode of “Fox and Friends,” Trump went further.

“It’d be a good thing to open up,” he said.

“Look, you have a lot of countries in the southern part of the United, we can get along very well.”

He added that he has “no problem” with allowing Mexican immigrants to enter the United State, “because we’re doing a very good job.”


Trump takes credit for defeating the terrorist threat in Syria: “Look at Syria, it’s like Syria for five years, we haven’t done anything.

And we’re getting very good at it.”

Trump has long praised President Bashar al-Assad for his role in the fight against ISIS, but he has not directly backed the Syrian leader’s campaign against the terror group.

Trump also said in his speech Tuesday that he “would be much more effective in Syria if I would be able to do something about the border and