Media Blasts ‘Fake News’ in Twitter and Facebook’s Reaction to Fox News

FOX NEWS —  The fake news media is blasting “fake news” in Twitter’s and Facebook posts in a new campaign to debunk their claims.

The effort is being spearheaded by Media Matters for America, the left-leaning group that has been critical of President Donald Trump’s administration.

“Media is trying to take over the narrative and they are doing it by spreading lies and innuendo,” MFA President Matt Drudge told Fox News.

“They want to be in the conversation with everyone and they’re trying to get people to believe things that aren’t true.”

The group is using Twitter and other social media platforms to share stories with their followers.

Some of the tweets, which have been shared by Fox News, are similar to a post that was shared by the White House on Thursday, which accused CNN of being a “leftist propaganda outlet.”

Another tweet from MFA claims, “Fox News is just one of the most vicious propagandists that the Left has created to discredit conservatives.

It’s a disgrace to our country, our constitution and our nation.”

Fox News’ and CNN’s posts have generated a flurry of criticism.

Trump, for example, has criticized CNN for being “very dishonest,” while CNN’s parent company Time Warner Inc. is in the midst of a $85 billion takeover deal with AT&T Inc. The Post reported last month that AT&ltd has been actively lobbying against the merger, which would create a media powerhouse that would give it control of cable and Internet services in most of the country.

The two networks have also clashed on social media, with Trump calling CNN “fake” on Twitter and accusing the network of being “fake News” on his Facebook page.

Fox has not yet responded to a request for comment.