How to avoid social media addictions

Right now, it’s too easy to get addicted to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social media.

It’s also too easy for social media companies to sell you ads to their platforms.

But in reality, they’re not all bad.

Here’s a list of things you can do to stay off Facebook and Twitter.


Use apps like Vine and Instagram.

Vine and Facebook are popular apps for sharing videos, images and other media.

You can easily share your work on the social network with your friends.

Just follow the steps below to find out how.


Download an app that’s free to use.

There are plenty of great apps for people who like to share.

Some, like YouTube, will let you stream live videos.

Some will let your friends stream your videos.

But some will let other people stream your content.

You’ll have to decide which is the right app for you.


Avoid the “free” version of the app.

Many apps are free to download, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll work for you, or that they won’t get stuck in your social network.

If they do, it could mean you’re missing out on the fun of sharing your work with friends.

You might find that you prefer to share on YouTube instead.


Get rid of your “favorite” apps.

If you’re already a paid user, you may find that the free version of an app isn’t that great.

If that’s the case, try out the paid version, and see what works for you best.


Get a friend or two to help you.

If one person can stream your work to the other, that may be enough for you to stop using the free app.


Try a different app.

If there’s one app you absolutely hate, you can try a different one.

That way, you’ll have something to share and you won’t have to worry about sharing to Facebook.

You may also find that it works better if you’re sharing something more interesting to someone else.


Stop reading Facebook updates.

If your friends have a page on Facebook, they’ll probably be more interested in what you’re writing than what they’re seeing.

Make sure that you don’t read the updates of other people.


Avoid Instagram.

Instagram is popular, but the way the company manages its content makes it difficult for people to avoid it.

You won’t be able to post videos or photos on Instagram unless you are an approved member of the service.


Don’t post photos.

If a photo you’re taking is in a photo album on Instagram, you won.

The company will delete the photo if it’s deemed inappropriate for an account.


Don,t be lazy.

Instagram lets you create custom filters for photos, but you can’t make your own filters.

You have to create a new filter for every photo you take.


Donate to a worthy cause.

Facebook is a great platform for helping other people with the world’s most pressing problems.

You should give to good causes, such as cancer, poverty, education and other things that are important to your community.


Watch for signs of a Facebook addictions.

A lot of people who don’t have a social media habit have some kind of addiction.

This may be a result of the way they interact with their friends, or because they’re using social media too much.

Some of the symptoms of a social addiction are: binge-watching, clicking on photos too fast, posting too often, or sharing too many photos.