How do you tell the difference between the news and the entertainment?

Posted January 10, 2019 09:01:50When it comes to the two types of media, news is the first one we talk about, followed by entertainment.

However, while we all think about the news, it’s important to know what’s going on in the entertainment world, too.

Here are five reasons why.

Read moreOn TV:How to tell the differences between the two forms of mediaOn the screen, news, entertainment, and the news are essentially the same thing, with the only difference being who tells the story.

However in real life, you might notice that a story is more often than not told by an insider or a news outlet, whereas in the news or entertainment realm, the people you know are often the ones who tell the story first.

What you need to know about the different kinds of media:When it’s news, the two main types of news are local and international.

Local news is news that is based in a local location.

It’s generally news that was originally produced in that location, and usually the story is about something that’s important in that particular area.

You can also see news coverage in a regional context, but it’s usually local news coverage that’s most prevalent in that region.

If you’re a local resident, it usually involves the same topics, such as the weather, or the number of cars on the road, or your city’s traffic statistics.

In terms of the international variety, it often includes news reports from countries around the world, such an Australia or the UK, or news from countries in Europe and Asia, such China and India.

In terms of news content, the main news source is either the U.S. media or from other news outlets, such news programs, news sources, or other sources that are primarily based in the U.

“There are three different ways that a news source can be described.

The first is a news organization.

A news organization is a major newspaper, or television station, that publishes a newspaper, newsmagazine, magazine, or online publication.

The second is a television network, or radio station.

These two types are more like radio news, and are generally focused on local news, but they can be used to cover other kinds of news, such international news.

The third is an online news service, or social media platform, like Facebook or Twitter.

The news outlets and online news platforms are the two major media types that are based in that country.

The different types of television news include: local, national, international, and local television.

There are also two types that you can get on television, namely: local news and local programs.

Local programs are typically news that has been produced in a given area, and typically include the local population, the weather and other local issues, and sometimes the latest weather information.

Local programming can also include local entertainment.

The most popular type of local news is local, local programs that have been broadcast in a specific area of the country, but you can also get local programs on any network that is not owned by a specific country.

You could even get news and entertainment programs from the local community that are similar to local news.

Local news is usually about what’s happening in the area, but can also cover local issues such as local politics and government.

The main difference between news and news programs is that the local news can be viewed as news, while the news programs can be broadcast as entertainment, but in reality, they’re just news.

It is important to understand that news is a story and entertainment is entertainment, because in reality the people who are making the news on television are just people who watch news, so it’s the people in the community who watch the news.

International television news is broadcast in different locations around the globe.

You’ll see news programs that are broadcast in the United States, or in other countries in the world.

This includes the news from around the rest of the world and the international news networks.

This means that you’re most likely to see international news programs from a news program from a different country, or even from a foreign country, than from a local news program.

International news shows also tend to focus on the world’s problems, such the war in Syria, the refugee crisis, or global issues like climate change.

In the entertainment media, it might seem that entertainment shows and news are basically the same.

However when it comes time to see a show or movie, it is important that you know the difference.

You need to be aware of what kind of entertainment you’re getting, and you should be familiar with the genre of entertainment that you will be seeing.

So you’ll need to take the time to understand the differences.

What we think about when we think of entertainment: There’s a lot of talk about the difference in how people consume entertainment and how much time they spend on the Internet.

In some cases, the entertainment industry has become so obsessed with getting as much entertainment as possible