Facebook and Google to share data on what people do, but not what they say

Facebook and the tech giants Google and Twitter are preparing to share information about how people use their social networks and what they see and hear.

The news will be limited to the company’s platform, according to a blog post by Mark Zuckerberg.

The disclosure, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, will come in a data breach notification from Facebook and could be made public as soon as the tech firms have reviewed their policies.

“We will not disclose the specific content or information that you share to third parties,” the company said in a statement to CNNMoney.

The statement added: “This is in response to a recent report in the New York Times, which reported that we have access to personally identifiable information from millions of people.”

Facebook and Google have not shared any data about users’ interactions with each other.

It is not clear why the two companies would want to share such information.

Facebook said the information would only be used to “improve Facebook’s services” and “improve the product.”

Google said it would share information with “third parties.”

“We believe that the use of this data will help us better understand what people like and don’t like about Facebook,” the statement said.

The companies said they have “zero tolerance” for malicious behavior and have a “zero-tolerance” policy for “fake news.”

The two companies declined to share the identity of the third party who will be the first to review the information, and they also declined to say how long the information will remain confidential.

Facebook and Twitter were among a growing list of tech companies that have agreed to share personal information from users in recent months.

Facebook agreed to sell the personal information of some 500 million users in January, and Twitter agreed to make that information public in September.

Google has said it will disclose more than 150 million user information.

Google is also reviewing how its privacy policy applies to its other products and services.