Why is the parlar social networking platform in trouble?

A platform that used to help organise and share information on social media has been criticised by some users, with many questioning its motives.

Parlar Social Media, owned by the French telecoms giant Orange, announced in January that it would no longer allow people to use its platform to share information, including videos and pictures, to social media.

In a blog post, Orange CEO Vincent Roussos claimed the company had been hit with “massive” losses due to a lack of users and traffic.

“We had a problem in terms of users, and we didn’t have any traffic,” Roussen said at the time.

“So we thought, ‘Let’s make a mistake’.

And that’s what happened.”

In a series of tweets, Rousssons claimed the platform’s users were now “sitting on the couch, eating popcorn, playing video games and sleeping” because they could no longer use the platform to organise and post news.

“In the meantime, we’ve lost over 1 million users because they can’t share news or share information,” he wrote.

Orange did not respond to a request for comment on the issue.

Roussons added that the platform would not be “forced to shut down” or stop working on the platform, but would instead work to make sure its users were better informed about the platform.

“The problem was that there was no content to share.

And that means that there are no users,” he said.

The move by Orange came after several users of the platform started to question the company’s motives, claiming it was a way to make money and not to help people organise and spread information.

“When Orange has lost millions of euros on advertising and lost users because of this, I think that Orange is just trying to take advantage of a situation that it created,” said one user, who asked to remain anonymous.

“Orange has been accused of a lot of things, but I think the most serious is that they are using it as a way of monetising themselves.”

The platform has also faced criticism from other users.

“I’ve been using Orange for 10 years and I’ve never experienced anything like this,” another user wrote on Facebook.

“What I have been able to do with Orange is share a photo with my friends and get some social traffic, and now that the Orange platform has stopped working, my friends won’t be able to.

I’ve also been able with Orange to organise some events with my local area and get my event organised and promoted on the Orange site.”

Others also took issue with the platform as a business.

“It is now possible to use Orange to sell products and services, so it’s no longer necessary for people to have a real job and be independent of the company,” one user wrote.

“There are many businesses that offer social media tools and services.

If you want to start your own business, you can now.”

In its statement, Orange said it “takes the safety of our users seriously”, but added that it had “no intention of closing down or shutting down any of our social media platforms”.