Which is your favorite episode of the new Netflix show, Stranger Things?

With its surrealistic visuals and supernatural premise, Stranger things has drawn comparisons to The X-Files.

In fact, it seems the show has already crossed the line from being a cult classic to a cult hit.

We talked to two Stranger Things cast members to find out what they think of the show, how the cast feels about its popularity and whether or not they have any plans to return for another season.

“It’s just so unique,” said Krista H. Johnson, who plays Eleven.

“It has a very special place in my heart for that show, and that’s the reason why I think it’s so important to see it again.

I’m always interested in seeing how things are going to turn out.

But yeah, it’s one of those shows that’s just going to stick with me forever.”

Stranger Things Season 2 premiered earlier this month and has already won awards from critics, critics, and fans alike.

What are you most excited to see next season?

“I think the new season is going to be bigger, and more immersive, and have more twists and turns,” said Johnson.

“I’m also really excited for the second season because it’s going to continue to be fun to watch.

I love that we’re still dealing with the aftermath of the events of season one, so it’ll be really fun to continue seeing how it all shakes out.”

Stranger things season 2 premieres Thursday, July 16 on Netflix.