What’s next for social media in 2018?

Vice News is reporting that social media is the next major frontier for businesses in 2018, with several new ventures emerging.

As of January 20, 2018, the number of online platforms had nearly tripled in the last year, with more than 60 new companies and startups launching in 2018.

A few of these have already launched their own apps.

One of the more noteworthy is the launch of the social media platform Twitter, which has seen a dramatic rise in popularity in the past few years, thanks to a variety of innovations.

Twitter allows users to create, post and read Tweets, and allows them to follow or comment on others’ Tweets.

As more and more companies are adopting social media platforms, it’s expected that social will be the future of commerce.

Twitter, a company owned by Alphabet, has seen growth in popularity as of late, with an average of more than 300 million daily active users per day.

In 2018, Twitter generated $2.5 billion in revenue, making it the third-largest U.S. social media company behind Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter is a part of Alphabet, which is a unit of Google.