‘Left wing’ media girls: Media is ‘dangerous’

A young woman from Australia is facing backlash for tweeting a photo of herself holding up a placard reading “Left wing media is dangerous”.

In a series of tweets, a group of teenagers have used a picture of a young girl in a black mask and holding a placards reading “We want free speech”.

They have also called for “anti-white, anti-male, anti-” to be taken down.

One tweeter wrote “What do we have to fear?”

“What we don’t have is a right wing media that would take that photo, and then use it to make a point,” said Ms Della Cruz, who is also a political candidate for a Sydney city council in her 20s.

Ms Delly Cruz is a social media strategist who runs a social platform called Pivotal Social Media.

“It’s really dangerous because it’s a sign of a real left wing media in Australia,” she said.

“When a group calls for people to be killed, that’s the first sign that there is something wrong.”

Ms Dalla Cruz has been speaking to other young people about the issue and said she would like to see a hashtag trending on Twitter.

“I just want people to know that the only thing that we want is for them to do the right thing,” she told AAP.

Ms Kekil said her group of young people is “very angry” that the media is being used as a platform to attack people, especially on the right.

“We don’t want it to be used for political purposes,” she explained.

“The media is a tool of censorship.

We want people like me to stand up against the media and to take it down.”

The group has also set up a website called “Free speech is a Right” where they are planning to launch a campaign to get the hashtag trending.

“If we are able to get enough signatures, we can set up an event in a public space where we can speak out against this kind of propaganda and to try and push for change,” Ms Dela Cruz said.

Ms Coyle said she had received “a lot of hate mail” since the group started the campaign.

“People are really angry that they feel like we’re trying to take down a group that has been calling for freedom and equality,” she added.

“This group of people are actually really good at using social media to get people talking and making people aware.”