How to use a tablet in public without getting into a fight

In the days following the shooting in Las Vegas, many people were confused about what to do with their phones and tablets in public.

Some people had no problem with them in public, while others were concerned about them in their own homes.

The advice is here.1.

Get away from people.

You are a human being, not a weapon.

We can’t control how we interact with our phones and iPads, so get away from anyone who might be using them.2.

Use common sense.

If someone is pointing their phone or tablet at you, turn away.

Don’t wave your hands at them.

Don’ t yell at them, ignore them, or approach them.

Instead, turn your attention to what you are doing and move to the side of them, so they don’t see you.3.

Take pictures.

If you have a camera, turn it on, and take a picture.

You might want to post the picture to Instagram or Flickr, so other people can see it.

Don t make it your own.4.

Turn off the alarm clock.

If the lights go off and you hear a siren, get your phone out of your pocket.

Turn it off, and get the phone from the other person.5.

Avoid looking at your phone or your screen.

Use your eyes to get a better look at what is going on.

If they are holding something in their hands, you can see what they are doing.

If something looks out of place, turn off your phone and take it from the person holding it.6.

Don  sit or stand in front of someone.

The safest places to sit are in front or on a couch, not in a hallway, or behind a door.7.

Keep your phone close to your ear.

When someone is talking to you, take your phone away and turn it off.

Keep it out of the way of people, pets, and other objects, and don’t put your phone in your pocket or purse.8.

If people are approaching you, don’t make eye contact.

If your phone is not in your hand, don’ t try to make eyecontact with people, but turn your head and look at their body language.9.

Don”t use a call button.

The more you have to press the call button to answer a call, the less likely you are to answer it.

If it is too close, people might stop calling you and you might lose track of where you are.10.

If possible, keep your eyes on your surroundings.

If there is someone standing behind you, and you see someone nearby, make sure they are also looking at you.

Don””t stare at them for too long or look away when you hear someone yelling.11.

Don”t start talking while you are moving.

That”s a terrible idea, and it”s a surefire way to start an argument.

The next best thing is to keep your mouth closed and stay quiet until you can talk to someone.

If that is not possible, make eye contacts with people you know, and wait until they have finished talking before you answer their call.12.

If necessary, take out your phone.

If a person is talking at you and they are walking by, turn around and keep walking.

If no one is looking at them and they walk by, it might be best to call someone.13.

Don””t let someone in the house, especially if you have children.

If an argument is about to start, turn and walk away.

If somebody is trying to start a fight, you might want them to turn and leave.

If nobody is around, just keep walking away.14.

When people are getting ready to leave, hold them back.

Keep a hand in your back pocket or pocket, or grab a towel if you are walking in public and have a cell phone.

Don(t) push them out the door or down the stairs.

When they are getting in their cars or out of their homes, take them to the nearest parking lot.15.

Make sure you keep the windows up.

If one person is walking by and another is talking, keep their distance.

You can make out their faces if they are moving around.

If two people are walking, turn on the sound feature on your phone to let them know they are in public with no warning.16.

Keep hands off people when they are not looking.

If anyone is around you, put your hands on their hips, arms, and backs.

You don”t want to draw attention to yourself or others.

If some people are talking on your cell phone or talking to your friend, make it clear that you don” t want anyone to hear what they say.

If none of these things work, call a police officer and let them come to your home.17.

Don.t be too friendly with your neighbors.

If neighbors are talking to each other, keep them out of sight.

If other neighbors are