How to keep up with the best hockey coverage in the media?

There are plenty of hockey stories on the front pages of major sports publications, but not all are as informative as the Hockey Night in Canada. 

One of those is the coverage of the NHL’s media conference call. 

And while there are a few important topics covered, they’re often buried in a lot of the same topics as the media conference calls themselves. 

In this piece, we’ll take a look at what we learned from the call, what was discussed and why.

As we mentioned earlier, the NHL is hosting a media conference next week that’s expected to focus on its new TV deal and the potential of its television partners.

While the league is holding the conference call, there are several other important stories to keep an eye on, including:The team that is building the next generation of the future, including the potential for a team in the NHL that is owned by the company that owns the NHL (AEG).

The latest on the potential signing of a new NHL owner, including whether or not there will be a new TV contract or a new television deal in place.

Why are the new owners, AEG, in the league at all?

The NHL has been struggling for a number of years.

How much do the new ownership plans cost?

As you can see in the video above, there will likely be some major spending on the new team and TV deals, but there will also be some smaller expenses that can be covered by the teams’ fans.

Are there any other big stories from the conference calls?

Not really, but we will be covering some big issues as they come up during the conference. 

The last time the NHL held a conference call was in 2015.

It was a much more in-depth conversation than the conference that we’ll be going through this time around, so keep your eyes peeled for what you might hear.