When the sun shines, the stars are still there

By Adam Himmelsbach ESPN Clic InfoThe sun shines all around the temple of the New Year.

The sky is bright and full of the sounds of a thousand fireworks.

But when it is dark and the streets are deserted, it is the temples that shine.

There are temples in every city in the world, and the one in the temple district of Mumbai, which is located in the heart of the Indian capital, has been in existence since 1891.

The temple was originally built by an Italian architect named Giovanni Di Marzo in the early 20th century to serve as a place of worship for Hindus and Muslims who worshipped at the temple.

In order to keep the Hindu community at bay, the temple was closed to outsiders.

But during the Second World War, Hindus were able to enter the temple through a new tunnel built under the road leading to the city.

As part of the treaty signed between the Hindus and the British in 1948, the Hindus were allowed to keep their religious traditions and practices and to worship at the church of the Hindu god Lord Vishnu.

In the 1980s, the church was built to serve Hindu temples and to keep them open for visitors.

Today, the area around the church has been transformed into a tourist attraction and the area surrounding the temple is full of shops and restaurants offering a range of products.

But the temple remains the focal point of the area and it is here that you will see the lights that are used to light up the entire temple district.

In the temple itself, the lights are lit with LED technology.

But to give the entire city a different feeling, the entire area around it is lit with LEDs that are arranged in concentric circles.

When the lights go out, the light is not there anymore.

The lights then go on as normal, but there is a special light that stays on when the temple lights are on.

This special light is called the “Lambda Lamp” and it helps to keep an eye on the area.

To celebrate the new year, a new type of temple lights up the area with the “lambda” symbol.

In addition, the local Hindu temple has created a special temple in the shape of a lambda lamp in order to bring the whole city together.