Italia’s Cagliari to play in the Europa League tomorrow

Caglia, the club of Italian legend Andrea Pirlo, are hosting their Europa League fixture against Stade Velodrome tomorrow night.

The game will kick off at 6pm.

The match is being played for the second consecutive time, following a 1-0 victory against Caglione on Wednesday. 

The first time the match was played was in 1999 when Milan beat Pirlos side, Roma.

This time the hosts are hoping to win as they have not lost a league game since November.

The match will be played at a stadium that will not be able to accommodate the large number of fans. 

According to The Times, the match will take place at the Stade Ville Velodrom, the same stadium that hosted the Champions League Final last year. 

Last time they faced Stade Sarthe, they were 2-0 down in a friendly. 

Cagliaria have not been playing in the league since September, when they lost to Fiorentina 2-1 in the Champions league.

The last time they played was at the end of May when they beat Lazio 3-1 on penalties.